Friday, 14 March 2014

I am a frog watching my community boil

I am a frog
sitting on the side 
of the fridge
because God gave
me sticky pads
and the ability to observe
Looking down at the stove
its burning gas
and despite the fact
this pollution is
expelled real fast
outside where God
can make sure
it does no harm that lasts
my eyes are burning
I guess I am the sensitive one
I see my fellow frogs
packed into the pan
the temperature is rising
and they vote 
to keep the heat off the man
They took away our Lilly
pad and gave us concrete
we all said yes 
because how could 
solid ground
not supersede
a search for unreliable
organic free floating  structures
that are every time unique.
I hopped away
but all my best friends stayed
the advertising said they 
would all have more energy to play
a concrete pad meant many more frogs
could have the best location
Frogs could finally have
equal sun salvation.
Well it turned out
the pads made us gather
in groups
So much easier
for the vote harvesters
to work us
and then with the ballet
our legs were served up in
restaurants that saw
their profits soar
because catching frogs
was not a challenge 

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