Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ukraine, Quebec and the price of tea in China

If John Wayne was an interplanetary cowboy sitting so high in his saddle he could see the earth like a big TV, what would he see? Violent death is part of the cowboy creed, and where that is happening you will find many gunslingers and a few Marshall who believe. The Duke would surely want to do the most good for the pilgrims of this planet. If that were the case he would be taking the reigns in hand in central Africa where the carnage is like worse than Gettysburg every week out of hand. Our maybe he would see the hundreds of gunshots death every day in the USA and think that's my play. Blinded by emotion and propaganda most likely his focus in March 2014 would be in the Ukranie.

But comming in guns blazing killing on behalf of the Ukraines, unrepentant commies, Russians and Putin clowns would not move the needle an inch forward. No that needle is sunk deep in a stone of fossilized historical junk. 

The best line I have read about the Ukraine comes from the exiled cold war warrior Eric Margolis. Exiled like most former Cold War darlings idiots for starting to think.

"Soviet leader Josef Stalin used to shrug off critics by his favorite Central Asian saying: “The dogs bark; the caravan moves on."

Stalin had many flaws, but he was for reasons wrong or right playing the Game of Thrones on fast forward when his enemies had dragons and he had plywood tanks. We should thank him for being so honest in leaving for posterity the sentiment we all feel every time our so called leaders speak. And that sentiment is what propels events in the Ukraine, Quebec and the price of Tea in China.

The driving force of the late twentieth century and the new twenty first century has been to keep energy prices high, and liberty expensive.

Putin may have many flaws but in my eyes he is not a beast. I use Bruce Springsteen to defend my supposition. Sometimes I have an argument with myself with one angel arguing Bob Dylan expressed the human condition best and the other advocating for Bruce Springsteen. One angel heavy into metaphors the other into scars. For plain speaking on an important topic the Nobel prize goes to Bruce Springsteen.

"All men want to be rich, rich men want to be king, the King is never satisfied until he rules everything."

No mention of Woman. IMHO women who succeed in politics are twice as worse as men.  In most cases they had to be doubly devious to succeed. Not to mention those other genders and sexual orientation. Gays thrive in politics. No family no traditional morals, time to spare and a DNA assignment that makes them want to thrill. NTTAWWT.

This is really the world we live in.  I look for evidence of any human that defied that precept. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, IMHO if they face a world without constraints based upon some of their ugly back story could be counted on to be riding the Caravan with Stalin.(its a given Mother Tersea would not starve twenty million people to death, but she would let people die because they refused her ideology.)

Ukraine is a failed state. The IMF is salivating about the prospect of keeping Europe's bread basket in that way. Russia exports a huge amount of energy through the Ukraine, of course Exxon would be loathe to see a supply disruption move its stock sky high. This is the point were I segway into Quebec, Canada's Ukraine with Montreal being Crimea.

No one who is serious could deny that in Quebec Anglo Canada has been just if not more oppressive than Russia. Hey you do not need to be a history major to know a conquered population will never forget. Especially if you feed them dogfood and support Duplessis and the Catholic Church as your bona fides of liberty. The people and the province of Quebec have serious historical facts on their side. All of which for all those Tim Horton families across this broad land fail to appreciate.

I have never been a conquered people but I have lived as an immigrant and that's like conquered person lite. No matter how well I was welcomed, or how long I lived, how many credentials I garnered I was still going to be some extent a foreign pig. Now I want to say in humanity's defense there its a Pareto law situation. Twenty percent would never expect me even if I cured age. But the principle is there. Twenty percent can bring down a eighty percent goverment that is corrupt and stupid and corrupt and stupid. The rule they impose is always Machiavellian, after all they are not stupid. they only have 20% authority. We have to stop this medieval first past the post rule.

The solution my friends is not blowing in the wind. Its practiced in some lands that really hold their peoples hand. Israel, Australia, and most of Europe with the notable exception of the muggles that are the UK have proportional representation. No ruler, no gold, no need to kill your sons and daughters for a treasure that will not unfold.

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