Friday, 14 March 2014

Swift we need you now!

In the great tradition of letters i write you to solicit your support for my great endeavor.
Gulliver's travels was a fairy tale that moved the world like an earthquake. When I read it I can not see the power. Yet at the time the sly suppositions and juxtapositions moved the intellectuals who at that time where conveniently for Mr Swift the ruling junta.

This was a era where beautiful thoughts and arguments dominated. We live in an era where cold hard digits ones and zeros make you one of the two.  Symbiotic relationships are possible like the little fish that clean the skin of the shark. In the end if you want to kill the great white your going to need a bigger boat. Thats the boat I want to float.  I am on that idea like a Jehovah Witness who will let his kid die because he believes a transfusion will offend his God in the Sky. There is something seriously wrong with the human condition, we got to much silver back wisdom conflicting with our mathematical precision.  No ape challenges the silver back armed with fruits and nuts. I should make an exception for Dick Cheney who conquered Iraq armed just such.

I feel like Charles Dickens and Robert Heinlein that my words will make people feel. Perhaps bring enough out of their slave drugged state to care enough about the future
to make that declaration on voting day. So every man small and great who has literally given there lives for democracy should be insulted and deflated by what is going on in one country that every democratic radical would speak about as a place where democracy has thrived. Talking about Canada where the fair elections act will pre empt the reason to abide. No reason to fret if the ruling government say we won the election two days before the event.

Some solution, no solution that the question of how far extends the might.
Everyone knows they are not in their hearts radical
the status quo is not perfect
but it means I know I am being punished
but the next torturer is worse
Frame the question and you get the calculated answer
would you like it up the ass
or in the face
our party platform is flexible
just wipe off
and never appear in
the public face

For all my bombast I am sure you know that this current regime is not making a social system based to last. The goal of these right and order people is to find offenders, then tell the public how they were heroes to de fang them. It will boost the sales of powered drinks exponentially when the criminals have no fangs upon which to assault the beef of this world.

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