Sunday, 2 March 2014

Crying in Crimera

The Ukraine Russia tempest has been brewing for centuries. Crimea is to Ukraine as Hong Kong is to China. In modern history its not really been part of Ukraine. The forces whipping up ethnic tensions in Ukraine have been mostly Western. 

Ukraine needs good goverment. Harper sending a partisan crew to give that message is exactly the problem. There are bigger forces at play in Ukraine than the desire of the populous to have decent democracy and credible governance. Harper represents the worst of both.

It will take world class statesmen to save Ukraine from Itself, the Russians and the meddling meddlers. The good news is that on a much smaller scale the Baltic states escaped intact and well. Finland is another country that learned to live sleeping beside the bear.

I read Ian's blogs after I had written the above. To say the least he lays on a much needed layer of nuance. Be sure to read all three posts.

An OpEd in the NYT agrees.

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