Saturday, 8 March 2014

We all like life

When the tiger strikes 
how will you deflect
its g force blows
that even a kung fu
fighter would
say will take
me to kingdom come

and thats what I say
wake up do not be stupid
we have lives
a life that is slipping away
there is no cure
just adapat and we could
do this with no magical cure
It would mean
giving up all the commercial crap
Kim kardasion would
no longer be the targert 
of our youths sexucal and intetllecutal
We must draw a new horizen
and if you look to history
this land was tamed 
and maintained in 
a sustainbale way
sure some perverts 
slept with their daugters
but they felt 
they had good sperm
and it would keep the devil
You know when times are harsh
they are harsh
they are not Strarbuck
on BSG
no they kill you
and you do
not come back
no matter how noble
your security enhancing sorte

I have traveled far and wide
no person I have encountred
rich or poor
has demanded that I die
or become dismembered 
to be free.
So its some kind of human dissention'
some kind of factory
that could possibly produce
a human weapon
that could harm 
me or you.

Imagine the production process
this is a situation that runs
out of raw materials real quick
stop the terrorist,
but stop taking away our right
and putting democracy into the 
hands of kooks
real quick.

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