Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Trump time in the OK Corrall

I hate it when the mercinaries fight
over my communal gold
and I never got
a second of conflict
over a real decision
when it came to
taake take take taking
care of something
outside of the borders
by the definition of geograhya
the ministrry of trips
and so responsible
for all the murth
and murder
in this world
proving the power
of the

If I do not get a taste
no one eats in ir a
JFK stylet
but updateed
with the new
i app
doubletap lone gunman
he is a lone shooter
for your phone
that you will
swear is in a a whole
of assasians
trying to kill the planet
while they get
high and higher and higher
let me put it this way
in the age of tricky dickey
you could make something in
your kitchten today with
paper towels covered
with mustard
and the baked
in  the microvave
under the hacket
setting RPG

Simply speaking today
to stop Trump you
would need a coke
like in Roinin
and to Stopy
you would
need the most
AMG extreme
version of Stat
Wars that would
have convinced
Darth Vader
not to sell
the ranch\
but th atsd
ready to
be squeezed
to fit through
any lock
funding the future

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