Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Something about the Habs winning the cup

I believe mathamatics is the word of God. I believe that within mathamatics there is always an anomaly, and that in hockey is the Club du Montreal. Long before anyalitics they new in anolog ways how to win with elan and skill. Yet they could still fight like apes on the ground. Those days have sailed away in the great corruption of every institution. But I got to say that I like how MB is sticking to his plan despite the obvious defeats. He thinks AF is the pilot of a ship that he will
make from amber and spice and little people and larger ones that are not so nice. I like the sandpaper that goes against the grain, and make perfect furniture out of scraps that still have a scar that tell you perfection is a path to total destruction. There aint no perfect, expect for me.

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