Tuesday, 9 August 2016

SITRAP> the awareness ironic gift to the wider community which is kind of communist

My Sitrap is green
on every indicator
its 34 C outside
I am close to three
feet underground
I could not afford
to go any deeper
but as in most
aspectso this long
strange trip we call
the evidence
was good enough

The world is a frying pan
and biology on top
an egg that needs
to be fried
perhaps GIA
does not
like the feel
of human
steps upon
the earth
for the love of God
look what she did to thje

We should all be
given an excel program
at age three
and I am sure if
all the wins
from that
kind of interaction
where applied
when the mind
was still inside
a womb of
we could make
being in any other
a crime against

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