Thursday, 4 August 2016

Mis guided Angel Missles: the most popular thermonuclar devices in Ameria

Most popular dog breeds in America
today and not many changes from
yesterday and you got your Shepards
and Labradoors
and not much movement on diversity
execpt for the growth of
pit bulls

When Clint weighs in about
we have a situation
where the Dirty
gets put in jail 
for police brutality
for taking down 
a black bomber
ISIS style
beheaded with 
a 357 magnum
and the punk 
was not lucky
and got his head
blown clean off
before the reactive
nerve could pull
the deadmans
and take the mall
all the way to hell
but he was a good 
working hard to 
be a productive
between his 
other gigs
nihilism suicidal
killing pigs
but black lives
matter will
insist it was
the white man
that made him
choose to 
slit his own
racism matters
but it has to be
equal for both 
sides or
its civil war

Clint solutions
are all the rage in the Pines
and its working
crime is no longer
working overtime
societies at war
with themselves
are going long
for investors
and human cattle
are a good
bet because
they do one thing
and thats breed

Black white 
yellow and
purple and I 
have really seen
green people
we are all in the same
fight the slavers
or bleed

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