Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dont care about what the poets are saying but you should

Hey dude
Hey dude dude dude dudy dudy due
your not a monkey so
embrace human hood
be aware and preform
30 times a second
on all channels
the things you cant see
kill you faster than
the ones
that are obvious

Dudes are needed by the world
to put the parks
back in balance
and pee
on the carpet
is still organic

Dudes are needed
to tell the people
the global overeach
has gone global
and we are eating
all the seed corn

Dudes love girls
that look natural
in their heads
and I am not opposed
to special events
but day to day
gotta love your facc
with out all the things
you need to replace

Dudes consider a six pack
a sacred chalice
of beer
do not look to my
belly to find that
with me

Dude cure conflict
with common sense
its our AK47
we shoot bullets of
that would take
a suicide bomber out
with our eye
of ironiy

I am a dude
I hope and
maybe I should
start an educational
to tell you
all just be

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