Thursday, 8 January 2015

World Leaders need to stop talking like punks about Terrorism!

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First of all Harper has been irresponsible with his making terrorism a wedge issue. The good Muslims in Canada and the world are collateral damage. The best way to prevent terrorism is to have the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and Imams of terrorists alert the authorities. So instead of using dog whistle language to attack Islam world leaders need to act like leaders not punks. They need to face the real root causes not hide behind the "they hate freedom" talking point

The fact is there are 1.5 billion Muslims, a war on them is not practical. Furthermore this idea there are 100 million radical bloodthirsty Muslims plotting against us it laughable. Its like lumping followers of TV preachers with the Pope. The branches of Islam that are our problem are Sunni, funded and programmed in Whabbism by Billions of dollars from our best allies in the Middle East. Iran our Orwellian enemy funds Shia groups fighting what they can legitimately claim is a decades old process of land theft by Israel. Note when I say legitimately claim, I mean they have a case not that it is a winning case. Otherwise Iran is one of the best of the bad actors on the planet.

 Our great NATO partner Turkey is lead by a man who claims North America was discovered by Muslims and therefore part of the Caliphate. Who supports ISIS, is it Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, Dubai and Israel?We need to straighten this mess out  and we will eliminate organised terrorism. Another huge hypocrisy is the role of Lukid, whose scheming with Saudi Arabia may be the hidden hand behind recent headlines, from Syria to Ukraine, including the new price for oil. The main thing we need to change is the legitimacy of religion as the word of God. 

Obviously significant numbers of Muslims can be easily turned into Manchurian Candidates because they fundamentally believe its Gods will that they perform heinous, inhuman barbaric practises. This belief is the programming that needs to be de bugged. If you believe in God, and you were convinced that God needs you to obey him, what choice does any believer have. Those are dangerous absurd thoughts to have in a modern world.

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