Monday, 5 January 2015

As you know I spell terribly and some might think I did not think enough about this message to get the subject under spell control. I on the underhand believe if you know what I mean its not important.

I expect you have no time for immerse video games.  As a armature expert on everything I suggest you consider the impact on the UTES these games are having.

These games are formatting our UTES. Period no stop. Its a huge issue
bigger than movies. I am a gamer I have played ever thing. Every word you read Allen reprogrammes your brain a few Terra bites at a time. Everything you watch in video multiples that. Every second you spend in virtual reality expotentialies the power of outside influence to could you own thinking.

Thank the creator. Most games I play are First Person Shooter. This is the GEM at the heart of my analyse.

Right now I am pro weed, anti gun, and stop police. Fundamentally I am pro civilisation.

Humans are animials in every way. Yet we have this overriding intelligence
that has move us above the greatest predators. Thus placing us in a situation where the greatest threats we face are singularly from our
own race.

Some time we think democracy has failed us so badly 
In this argument I am in full disappointment
but then again we get Gay rights
sure its an easy give away for the MAN
because in no way does it compromise
his plan
In fact when you goggle Jeff Gannon
and look closely at the British
hieracrhy you know
who you fuck and in what quantity
is not important to history\
no matter upon what side
you come down upon
in the great divide

Did history create great men
or did men create history?
Now that question is great thought
and it has roots
how deep and how
far even today
determine which camp 
will rule our lives
auctioned off into quartet
but most times the whole 

Lasers have created such a fluffier 
in so many fields
even for innocent pilots
just doing their job
at landing fields'

In the world that is politics
they have changed everything
One only knows the fuckface
long time member of parliament
that groped you in some way

When do the SMART people take control
and apply all those business efficiencies
of which many authors of distinctions
got a star on Hollywood 
or at the least given a position of condescends
on FOX news/

What do we want 
What do we fear
What threat of death
am I to my fellow man

Let me discuss this
A tiger or lion will
rip me to shreds without

So what does a man do?
in the same predatory position.
Wow what a question evaluate this
in your own lives.

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  1. When a ruler tells "his story" it should be clear nobody else's experience is available. I can't see it changing regardless of the name of the arrangement for taking power from the people.