Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Such typically Jewish behavior.

I am listening intently to the talk radio
its dialled to 1010
moderate rant

Today they have a guest speaker
who never mentions 
during the broadcast that
he is a Jew

But you can look it up
on Google
so its true
this guy is 
a major Jew
although in the strictest
he would be a 

I have history with this host
I know more than the average listener
He is pretty well off
but more like a hockey player
from the seventies
made a fortune
but by today's standards
grossly underpaid

I suspect but do not know
if he got rich being Jewish
Did his local synagogue
have faith in him
did some prominent members
give him money to do his thing?

In any event Peter Sherman
played the game of life

Today I hear him on the radio
and I am ready for War and Peace
and he paves down a raspberry parade.
His Jewish nature has seized control
he and his wife are saving hundreds of 
dollars a month using hydro
according to a schedule dictated
by a Smart Meter
and he is not complaining
in fact I hear a bit of gloat
coming over the airwaves
using the advice many Jews
have drilled into them from 
their parents
he is saving money
and you are just stupid
if you do not.
Truth there.

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