Thursday, 29 January 2015

Building a Lego world

Hey lets thank the Danish for creating a product the exemplivies life in every way. Like Modern Vikings the people of the North have pushed their way of living upon us in a most rational way. Like some kind of human plastic sacrifice.

Rangor Lothbrok was the George Washington of change. There are two kinds of leaders and we always choose the same. But the surfer we should embrace, ride the wave, work with the power of nature to achieve the same Nirvanaa all people who adapt to nature in a expotential nature feel real.

I turly belive I am nothing more than a better squirel in this life. I sure know I love my nuts, I see from my backdoor the squirrels running around in a spectatular nature. So what is my differance from this kenetic. Is it greater force like gunpowder and kentic kill from above? 

I do not know anything, I just thinkaboot things. If somehow we could call a truce to just thinkaboot all the reasons we kill each other and never call a truce could be decided, I would be online so much favorite,

If you do not believe in my world your a star
there is a black hole into which humanity has sunk
but I believe  in human gravity
expressed best
in Interstellar

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