Monday, 19 January 2015

We have a whole socity that buys who would I like to fuck overall

When the plumber shows up
at the wedding
it gets messy

You know what
most of us can 
not afford to 
drift between
failed relationships

My partner is not perfect
though I truly believe
compared to me

I expect the same evaluation
from anyone
who loves someone
the most

Love is a village
Love is what makes
us post
Love is ever thing
and as a Kinky Institute Study
the Philippines 
are where you will
find love hits you the most

Not going down on the Pines
these people I know a little bit
they are smart
they are attractive
and the only reason they are
down is as usual
the government
When you live in the third
world no one hopes for improvement
Jesuse Christ and Ivey 
that would mean loss of market share

So we marketeers  controlling the UN
keep pumping money to the poor
that ends up in shopping malls
that no one can afford.

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