Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fake World Blues

We live in a fake world
and for a period of time
it has served us inevitably well
the south was built with slave
and it remains a powerhouse today

At the end of the day
we have to eat
we need clothes
and entertainment
the south is all 
about that

Meanwhile were the thinking goes on
talking about both coasts
the people are freaking out
seems Mathus 
was a math major 
after all
there is no way to square a cube
when there in not enough oxygen
to fill a space station
so vast
that men just crawl over the surface
moving flags and other rags
telling us its part of
our collective
sacred truths
that were formed
for the most part less
than two thousand years ago
but what we know
it that humans have been 
doing human things
for near a billion years
and in all that time
we never got one call from
he just left us to do 
our own thing.

Today two thousand years later
can we not just agree
that man has always
been top of the food chain
and top of mind greedy

Everything you leaned as a kid
was kept leaning
towards theocracy
what a great place that would be
Where God told you 
what and where
and a thousand flowers bloomed
just to go there

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