Friday, 9 January 2015

Better TV with Quantum Dots

Much of what is sold in the Audio Visual marketplace is pure snake oil. I remain unconvinced that 32 Bit 194 Hrz audio is going to sound one bit better than a 16 bit 44Khz CD or loss less copy.

Four K tv under 80 inches is virtually worthless. All 4k does it let you sit closer to your TV with the same picture quality that can be achieved by moving back.

Quantum Dots look like the real deal. Look for them on your next TV. They may be hard to find as the Brands never call something something. Sony was  first  to sell TV's with Quantum Dots under the Triluminous name. Sony has Quantum Dots on the 4K, XBR and W series; the cheapest being a 55 inch at $1500.

Personally if I was buying right now for the same bucks I would get a Vizo 70" full array backlite. I am not convinced sitting back 15 feet from the TV there is going to be a difference worth giving up 15 inches for. In TV size really matters. 

More commentary here.

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