Thursday, 29 January 2015

Music that travels

Its not a boom beat behind spoken slang
thats rap
and its a dead 
negro brand

Who let the dogs out
was it Albert
or was it going down
deep into the problem
seeking the orgians

I am no racist
and I have no
thinking that
says humans
should behave

All humans are 
built that way

Yet we look at statistics
and informed views
and to say the least
humanity had
and to this day
favorite breeds

favorite breeds
produce some output
I can sell on the stockmarket
as reliable souces of income
today I got the blues

because this life of wonder
and fantasy that I did choose
is so full of holes 
that the Tea Party
has abandoned me
in my unempolyment 
due to being straight

I am Gay about finance
let the sun shine
Let the world 
discover everthing

everhting important
is in your heart
have you never taking
a Va Kay
in a forigen land

A place where the populace
was 24 seven on your 
Did you feel like King Tut
or an asshole

As the powers that be
seem to be determined
against all facts
to flush our beautiful
reality down the toliet
in an efforrt to bring into line
this country with all the successful
dictartorships sailing
not only in this time
but with greater sails
in what came before
with less opposition/

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