Friday, 16 January 2015

Rum Sodomy and the Lash!

I got it for Christmas and its Brilliant! (Re Mastered) The phrase widely attributed to Sir Winston Churchill is a great metaphor for institutions bound by tradition that are countervailing windmalls of actual breeze compared to all the hot air that is the least efficient energy every generated emanating from the current holders of the tradition.

Islam today is filling a void of dispossess Western values Zombies with Beards, Sodomy and the lash. When I say Islam today its pretty much like the USA today. A place where Honey Boo makes headlines and Nancy Grace is taken seriously.

The Revenge of the Green Dragon has little to do with Hong Kong. The existential question the movie asks and answers is why do Chinese people indenture themselves for the duration of morality for a chance to be a permanent dishwasher or prostitute in America? 

The answer is so instructive and goes to the root causes of why normal hockey playing teenagers want to kill you most of all. The Western world carefully formed by the British Empire over centuries and expertly taken over by the first colony has Occidental or on purpose created a digital world where no one really succeeds, otherwise Gwyneth Partrow would shut the fuck up.

Try harder baby your not satisfying me. Try harder baby the writing is on the wall. Try harder baby the prophets have been comprised by Wall Street and the City, and we both know there is no way you gain admittance up there.

Did ya know the people living in the mansions in the sky
have a term for us people down there
as they float above us
like some kind of virus
we are just Muppet's
to them
Intelligent puppets
that can always
be pulled 
by a string.

The string is not something 
its everything
Separate the mark 
from his cash

Okay we know the communists
made the parade worse
but socialists
seem pretty strong
in the balance
between right and wrong

But it all comes down to the culture
and what the living
see as sane

France is Paris in my minds eye
Fucking crazy irrational thinkers
creating reality out of dreams
and when you walk the cobblestone
streets you see right in your face
they have proven
what thought means

I could go on and on about
the Northern European Countries
and how they have it all figured out
if only the rest of the imperial world
would let the people twist and shout!

The reason is pretty clear
Freud identified it long ago
its insecurity
Look if you inherit the crown
a very heavy piece of jewelly
to wear
you have to prove something
I can not think of a case over time
is not that your stupid.

Lets go back to Islam. Do not TV preachers
in America prove the truth to the devout.
Its good to be infallible.

Saudi Arabia is the heart of our current problem
and they must be called to account.
I know somethings
and wonder about everything else
maybe I have had some experiences
in other universes that
are instructive

One time I touched down on a dessert planet
much like Dune
but they had no spice
they had this magical dinosaur carcass fuel
and the beasts it seems where
not even buried six feet deep,

The people I met where extremely friendly
they held being a good person higher
than the latest crotch
of hockey coaches

But what they considered good
should be widely misunderstood
All the normal stuff you would expect
when it came to behaviour in your man cave
But when it came to women
they were a 24 full of beer full
of depraved.

They could take as many wives
as they could afford.
They liked those girls
pre puberty so they 
would know 
with a virgin 
they had scored

The little people gave up their
pre teen daughters
for a dowry

Life was great in the Caliphate
then disaster struck. The women got the vote.
Way worse than that they got education
and started to drive.
Admittedly they were poor at that task.

I have no special knowledge
just a history major insight
what could such pious
child fuckers do
to defend their turf
in the face of such
a culture killer

Terrorism comes to mind
Like a sand whitey camel fucker
a consult must have come
to rescue our good friends
and essential allies.

Maybe coincidentally 
the CIA had made
major breakthroughs 
on the sheep farm?

Everyone who reads this
has been a teenager or worse 
a young adult 
who did not even 
reach the threshold

Now someone comes along
and tells you its 
all okay
we are your new 
all loving all encompassing
sham wow plus

Intelligent people can 
not argue anymore
because the language
and facts have been 
There is no right or wrong
only belief.

This belief is well documented
by Monty Python
but Islam was not a 
part of the joke

There is a planet the size
of Jupiter
in our orbit
that represents injustice
most of us who are not
in the top 20% 
face this day to day.
If you are an immigrant
or worse black 
everyone will question 
you all day long about
your humanity
as you work two
jobs and only
hope for your children
we have given the 
people in charge
enough rope.

Maybe know Steve Harper
will make one of his pawns
arrest me.  Maybe in a billion
or more other minds we
will find unity.

Do not blame the Muslims
our institutions are failing big time
yet no one seems to be willing to fill 
the gap 
with more than platitudes.

At some point 
I regret I was
going to have to reference
something as politically
charged as Sodomy.

Sodomy and Gomorrah
wow, god do not like
that much according 
to some testament.

So God nuked 
without radiation 
Sodom and the other place.
So for at least twenty years 
that its been DONE commonplace
why has God not 
just burned 
both place?

I do not want to 
beat down all 
the men that over time
made our fantastic world
with I will admit a lot
of femme help in 
every way

The fact that the world
should face according 
to every scientific dissuasion
is the Interstellar fate.

I believe there is no chance
a wormhole of salvation
opens up to save us
from our greed.

There was no stupidly
in the harvesting 
without consequence 
of our planet

The people that lead 
us to the end
knew exactly 
what they were
and that 
makes them bad boys
and we can not pretend
that bad boys

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