Sunday, 11 January 2015

I understand everthing except Micheal Therrien

God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be understood
THe Courage to complain with effect about the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to deterime
things understandable from things not.

Almost any gripe about the way things IS
has at its roots the biggest obstacle to
democracy and overall rationality
The demon seed of corruption
the rotten apples in the barrel
that contaminate the whorled crop.

Curse the useful idiots 
the passengers in thought crime
that accept their pay
not to understand
what everyone knows
and will take big
secrets to the grave
pretending to themselves
it was really brave
and loyal to the group
the group that holds humans
back with constant
anti common sense attacks

But for Micheal Therrien
there is no explanation
Take last night
we are playing the Pens

Its a one one game
moving to the end
We are at home and have the last change
what I can not understand is how
the first like of Pittsburgh is on 
the ice facing our fourth line of 
three rookies, one in his first NHL  game
Is that not MT fucking with 
Habs nation mind again?

What was he thinking
we will never know
because the only thing
he does two times in a row
is put little Davy on the power play
Something he has done without
success for 42 games in a row.

Micheal Therrien is an act of nature
like a hurricane of puzzles
captured in the cone of a
enigma tornado
and contradictions
Its like trying to explain
it makes no sense
but it works

But the team is winning
so he must have a plan
other than play the best goalie
in the world
and if we could understand him
maybe not would be
the total when the season ends

Know the lesson!
those three rookies learned tonite,
its this big! Its like Sparta!

I blew Stumpy Jr's mind. First NHL game
head to head with Sidney Crosby, WOW!
Next time I play them against one of the most
powerful lines in hockey they know to score
not be scored against

Yes Ghetto is going back to the Dogs
It will make him a better person.


  1. Steve I am in total agreement with everything you said here...I think...We know DGMB has a pair, but unles he is prepared to slap them out on the table and admit that the Habs will NEVER win a cup with Therrien "leading" them, the Habs are doomed to make the Eastern final or the Semi finals year in year out - and not win for a myriad of "reasons"/excuses. Blame the ref, blame the cheap shot, the diver, Buttman, Jacobs, TSN, SN - blame 'em all - the thing everyone - except you perhaps - is failing to recognise - is that you shut all these people up with one simple Stanley Cup win.. But that win won't happen with Therrien at the helm. He isn't a coach who can win the big game. That's why the Pens sacked him in 2009 - even though they were doing reasonable well at the time. They needed someone to take them over th line - and he wasn't it. I'm into sucking eggs territory here so I'll end. Great read Steve! Go Habs Go!

    1. When they make the movie about MT, he needs to be played by Peter Sellers. I am thinking aboot the movie Being There!