Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Why does Music bring us joy?

Mathimatoscs is the common language we all share. There is no accent, no prejudice we must build into our equations, it all ones an zeros and adding up sums. Right now right here we could build a beautiful society based upon mathematics or a permanent life style based upon errors.

One plus one equals two. This is a fact you can agrue against in this dimension.
So let the facts bleed as they may, in this enviroment you will get good goverment.
So what is the plug on this most human desire of expounding the excellent.
It is all about trust and power. No leader who has lead his people to the promised land ever thinks some warm soft body can duplicate their achievement let alone move forward. Human humanity is stuck with high school superstars who never reached home base, but due to some kind of providence became the government face.

We need a leader who will say that what you seed wait two years to proceed you.
You can not change the world, its spinning just fine on its own. IF you want to build a legacy do something that will leave humanity high.

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