Saturday, 8 February 2014

Life Transactions, keep them lite

Life transpires
so swimmingly so riven with current
its a place e where to 'be an island
is great but
not nearly good enough
some one always
wants to invade
and what's with that
live me alone you fucking brutes
but that's not the nature
of humans
we are like a wolf pack
of opposable thumbs
with a crow brain
pumped through
a lizard mother board
with a failed memory

Knowing what exists
is not panacea
nothing is certain
and experts
piss dust and ruin
if you can find one
that has not
hitched his post
to an intellectual

Over and over again
the same stories
are printed in the Newspaper
and now on the
electric medium
What has changed is the impact
and maybe that's why
newspapers will never
be the same again

People do not care
they are like medieval villages
raped and pillaged
by the forces
bad and good
all they know
about politics
is there are a lot
of babies
with no relationship
to the neighborhood.

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