Sunday, 2 February 2014

No Justice No System

wake up Zombies the leaf are leaf shit what  we have to endure has made that franchise the richest in the NHL. I was Thinking aboot the other day a maglev train between Toronto and Montreal, a terrible waste of money I know but it would cost half as much as our victory in Afghanistan. Its going to be like Holland some day. I been there a hundred times and if I say I am Canadian the people get tears in their eyes, not everybody does that when I meet them.
Sports and propaganda are twin sisters, setting young males off in a snow coloured world of male enhancements.
Some half a million people die in traffic accidents, and an equal amount die from gunshots in the USA every year; Those killed from terrorism in the worst year since 2001 you can count on your fingers no need for toes.
Drink more beer less koolaid and you will be a safer citizen more likely to share a toke on the road

I have a blog and thats a great responsibility. I could say all kinds of misinforming things and fool the clever who wanted to hear the same things. But I opted for the truth, the truth as I understand it. Awesome I alone stand for the truth. Make me Judge Dredd and I will clean the shit out of societies plumbing I tell you that. Truth be told as much as I would like to have cinema ending for all our culpurets, the Justice System is the place our criminals should face. But as judge jury and exectionar I would exile the whole top layer of NHL management. They are creating a monster that will devour hockey.

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