Thursday, 6 February 2014

Terrible Humans

Everybody has a flaw
It may be in their
face or body weight
these are things we can
define and understand
we do not fall in love
with imperfections
except for that lizard brain
source of deception
that makes us
all turtle

Thats why you
can see everyday
people so in love
that do not in any way
belong together
I can see the phycisla
contributions to this
kind of non normal clover
In the reality of men
there are only women
this is our fire
our reason to exist
what make us wake up
in the morning
and take that first piss

The world is built upon piss
and fire
and thats what is wrong
with making worldwide designs
built upon what
some motherfucker or other
saw as project of a thousand years

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