Sunday, 16 February 2014

60 Minutes, bought sold and paid for?

The initial reaction of the fighter pilot community to their new aircraft was lukewarm. Between its massive dimensions and troubled early service life, the F-105 had garnered a number of uncomplimentary nicknames. In addition to the aforementioned "Thud", nicknames included the "Squat Bomber", "Lead Sled", and the "Hyper Hog" and/or "Ultra Hog".[38] The aircraft's offensive capabilities were sarcastically referred to as a "Triple Threat" — it could bomb you, strafe you, or fall on you.

The question is if 60 Minutes was doing infomercials, who would be paying the freight? The controversial Tobacco story was a straight business play. Lawsuit journalism at its best. The Benghazi story was to the benefit of the Republicans who have been beating this phony Watergate Zombie in attempts to give it life. Tonight history was witness to what could only be called a skillful puff piece on the turkey in the air and princess on the ground known as the Joint Strike Fighter.

Sixty minutes acknowledged there where problems in execution, but more or less justified the continued investment in the program. If this was the only evidence available I would also say there was no other choice. The F35 described is a revolutionary craft that make everything else in the air obsolete and as effective as a paper airplane against a blowtorch. Its very strange that I know more about the F35 shortcomings than 60 mins.

First the F35 was never meant to be an air superiority vehicle. Its primary task was as strike bomber, whose role is to sneak up on targets under the air superiority cover of the F22. When the F22 became to big  an expense to not fail, the F35 suddenly became this magical Swiss army knife of aeronautical impossibilities.

All I know is that someone has launched a Lockheed Martin propaganda strike at the US treasury, and has the skill and influence to use the 60 minutes brand. Leaving many viewers shaking their heads at what has become of what used to be institutions.

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