Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Not that it matters, might as well post, and put to music I will rule

Its one flighty eight pm and I am still on the ground;
now I did my time and i never thought
to live ,my life I would have to drop the dime\
I like to smoke up
in no way do
I see it as a button
on my self destruct
no i can hit that bitch
with no femme harm
without recrimation
if I take a glock 
with fifteen shots
as an extension
of  my missing arm
everyone has disappointments
losing a limb without a
sweetheart to cauterize the wound
would rate really high
in my expectation
that no matter what
gifts we give you
no matter how many
virgins we confuse
the public will
with great enthusiasm confuse
strengths with abstract
like Lou Reed
blowing a fuse/

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