Thursday, 13 February 2014

Humanity Olympics Prospective

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A tragic failure to lead. Opportunity costs in the trillions. This is the legacy of big C conservative government in general, and doubly true of Canada's current crop of idiot ideologues. Economics is an art masquerading as a science.  Even the simple proven acts of Economic cause and effect have been repeatedly sacrificed by this current band. For which a perfect metaphor exits, Stephen Harper singing a Beatles song. Out of tune, out of touch, as soulless as a master of the water board recording his surfing exploits on GoPro.

This governments Economic myopia is already legendary and Canada will pay a huge price in the future. The present value of today's ideologically driven incompetence is in the trillions. One example beyond dispute was the cutting of the GST and replacing that revenue stream with personal income tax burdens at the lowest level of graduation. This is universally understood to be a stupid plan. It is a scheme that rewards people who consume the most, while at the same time punishing those who have the least. Economics is the math of human nature. Tax what you want humans to do less, and be libertarian in areas where you want humans to exceed.  Scientists know everything about human motivation, desire and satisfaction.  As an applied science its called marketing. Essentially distilling human behavior into manageable data sets, and manipulating inputs to change the outcome.

Imagine I have a remote control that you can not escape. I can use this tool to make you do anything I want given the optimal control parameters.  Control measures are on a scale from torture to scientific fact. So I can force you to do the unimaginable. This has been pretty well standard operating procedure for most of our current round of civilization.  I hate to pick on the Germans, because I believe their culture today represents humanities highest aspirations. The depravity they suffered through in WW2 has etched for at least three generations an understanding that not only do the ends not justify the means, we gotta carefully consider the ends.  Bottom line they are one of few societies immunized from bullshit. With earth shattering forces of mis direction, comes an equal and exceeding amount of human correction. Look at the bottom line, humanity has moved so far. Slavery, Gay Bashing, and moral turpitude are all no longer accepted in polite society as legitimate ideas.

The Game of Thrones is all about expressing the ideas I espouse. Yes my friends who enjoy all the swordplay, the Game of Thrones at its heart is a morality play.  Everyone will get different messages from this epic. Its like a Beatles song you can hear a lot of what you want to hear. However in the end a line like all you need is love can not be confused. We live on a planet as diverse as the Star Trek universe.

There are parts of the planet like Singapore already living decades ahead, and most of the world stuck in medieval times with cell phones employed to direct the dread.

Perrie Elliot Trudeau was a hero. He created for better or worse modern Canada. I have traveled the world, lived for close to a decade in Austria, have spent the equivalent of years in most geopoliticaly significant Asian countries. Austria is a utopia, they barely have a pot to piss in. They succeed by maximizing their human resources.  Counteractively they all have six weeks holiday with additional pay, 36 hour work week and everything that should be a human right free.  Austria is but one example of countries with no resources allowing their citizens and guest workers to fulfill their human potential. What would such a country look like with resources? The curse of the golden flower. The problem never is how to spend the money,  what destroys society is who will spend it. Alpha males take providences with hot hunting grounds to defend. When there is no easy way to survive, civilizations thrive.

 I refer now to Riverworld. The Robert Silverberg classic that did a Fight Club effect on all humanity. His point was that humans are the hardest mammals to herd, they exhibit frightening fight or flight tenacities, but if called upon to meet an extasential challenge they have the ability to organize.

Perrie  Elliot Trudeau despite his mastery of everything. He failed thanks to lying Brian's ability to frame his big score. Love him as I do, I hate PET because he could not communicate the NEP big score.

Canada a socialist paradise, the NEP, yes some harsh wags would agree all the money went not to make a place the world went to fixed on, but to Exxon. Not so in Norway. They grabbed with both hands the National Energy Program. The Norwegians stole his ideas and made themselves the richest people in the world.  Do not be fooled by what is rich.  Bill Gates walks into a bar with two people on the stools. This bar instantly becomes the spot with the highest average income place on the planet. Conservative are often portrayed as mean, statistically speaking unfortunately they are stuck on average.

The world is changing fast. Yet humans remain steadfast. There is a feeling in the Euro lands that the life was made for living and we could hope for a sustainability score. Nothing wrong with this model. Obviously  slavery was profitable, but do we really want to build a world on this excuse.

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