Thursday, 27 February 2014

Thinking Aboot Music

That has to be my biggest bone to pick about the Taliban. A world without music is intellectual slavery so deep and broad that I would authorize a nuclear bomb to wipe out the forces that do not want us to hear. I saw a grateful dead sticker on a Cadillac. That is the power of music to unite us to give us some common ground upon which we can build some great foundations. Willie Nelson has forced most close minded conservatives to think aboot alternative lifestyles in a positive light.

My greatest sadness for living so long. Its to see modern music be so forlorn. I tell you now and believe me later JT in my day would be trying to reassemble himself after gong through a maserator.  IMHO there are no super bands left. Retreaded Stones, Who or Supertramp are slush in the snow when your wearing summer tires. Today 2014 we have some good and a puffed up oversold hit machine of bad. Rap music, tehno and house are signs of surrender it the quest to occupy Beethoven house. Every thing you hear today was produced in a certian way.
We know what you want with your tims, and if it sounds familar, you are part of our family of really bad things.

Your mind is not your own. You may be like me very smart.
You may resist when they say you must be stupid
if you want to exist,
Yes there is more money spent keeping
intelligent people from ranting on the porch fence
than looking into things
that could keep our parents
from depends
and all the other horror
that exist
when people
have the same play
as those we looked at with love
and never ever knew
just what changing this diaper
would give us
when this lintel human
had no self control.

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