Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ukraine a laboratory for globalization

I am back in the USSR
wondering if I should drive
an electric car
because the revolution
seems so septic
I need a green cabinet
and thats electric
 Looking at all the people
in the square
dont they know that
greater forces on the run
are going to decimeter the flow
No freedom in the Ukraine
for anyone
The Saudis have bought in
to the neo nazi
and the Russians
are like magleve trains
in the train wreck to show.

People play Risk and civilization
and even grand theft auto
because its more thrilling
than the life that they know
right now the real players
are playing Ukranie
like poker and hope
their well considered lawyers up hand
does not blow.
But the people
who are trampled
the people who are bankrupt
the people who piss
and it does not show
are forgotten in this equation
this chance to fuck the Russians
because the west has
failed to bring them
under globalization control

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