Monday, 10 February 2014

Beatles Night 50 years later

I half watched this spectacle.  The crowd of insiders was quite a contrast to the screaming mob of yesteryear.  Displayed continuously for the crowd were images of the magnetic fab four, and they were like an EMP pulse to the faint heartbeats of the stars that tried to entertain. Everyone who does Karaoke does a Beatles number. Mostly because they love the music, but also relatively simple to sing. Try a Springsteen song next time if you disagree. Well I have heard a thousand better renditions of most Beatles songs than our so called stars could muster. Dave Grohl did it right and Adam Levine was not bad. As for the rest even Joe Walsh looking immortal and Jeff Lynne looking like hairspray could not bring some fire, or good vocals to this event.

I was there in sixty four. Not not live, I was  a six year old on a twelve year old couch experiencing history at 420p on a black and white TV, tuned to the CBC. I gotta say it was a slow fuse. It was not until 1967 it hit home. My bud Carl Dixon who later became a big part of Corey Hart made me listen to Sargent Peppers. I thought he was the only nine year old on drugs. But after that I was a Beatles addict.

When Ringo took the stage he sounded like Art Garfunkel. The magic of the Beatles was that they were amazingly earthchanging fucking good. As Paul McCartney said " if you had John alone it would have been an amazing band"

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  1. Joe Walsh is just lucky to be alive. I thought Dave Grohl stole the show, but he's just always that enthusiastic. I did enjoy the double piano Let it Be, but yes, a lot of the performances were ugh