Tuesday, 3 December 2013

There is not truth, only progress over a road paved with cheap petrochemicals lies

Credibility Traps

These are everywhere and while you may escape them in your own time
in history they will rise up and bit you in the ass.
We live in an era where being serious is
not appreciated
but in the context of history
all those fuzzy edges will
become cystal clear
revealing that behind
the titanium mask of freedom
you where a villain indeed
not only did you line
your pocket with filthy money
Money of which John Wesley Harding
would have said gave him indigestion
Its money that they stole from us
and then repeated back as an affront
a vehicle to drive home
a tactical comprise
where all the floaters
and all the coward
and all the reality TV guys
define the picture
the image of our lives
given production values
rat infused and broadcast
to unsuspecting foals
as the true word
form the fortress
 of salvation
just short of claiming
god endorsed this truth

Lay down and submit
because you know
the cruel masters
will not be slaying
by some higher truth

Touchdown in the
twentyfirst century
upon the replay
reveals that
nonsense and disorder
will not join
the camel troops
on the long thirst drive
to see some kind of Bourbaki
Order we can believe in
a government that works'
a outrigger on this long

search for truth.

What are you gonna do? Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have weighed in and I admire their thought, but its hardly revolutionary and is that what we need from two of our bright spot?

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