Monday, 2 December 2013

Comment of the day

Look into the software PROMIS invented by Bill Hamilton and stolen by the NSA which merged it with AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI is also used to syphon peoples money out of their bank accounts, without their permission. This happened to Reza Palevi, the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein,of Iraq; and to Marcus of the Philippines. AI is equipped with sensors that can detect minerals and crude-oil deposits for further exploitation, while it is being bet on in global stock markets.
The curious thing is that the movie “Matrix mentions this AI as controlling everything in the future. The super soldiers like Duncan O’Finnian and Michael Prince AKA James Casbolt also mentions this AI.
I encourage you to look at the website of Frank O’Collins to learn the true language of the court system which is based in occultic satanic energy. This is confirmed by the PBS doc. “The Dawn Of Civilization” where one finds out that the ancient Greeks practised voodoo before going into court. It also explains the origins of the word testify. What people don’t know is that the Greek empire adopted the practises of the Babylonian empire after stealing its gold. Later the Romans did the same thing to Greece. To this day the Roman empire is still ruling having beeen infiltrated as Cicero wrote about, by the Pharisiac merchants and Rabbis who rose to positions of power in the administation of the empire.
Today, the Vatican if ruled by the Jesuit Order, under the supervision of the Black Nobility of Venice, who are of Khazarian descendancy having converted to Talmudism in the seventh century A.D.
Dr. William Deagle, Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bersnstein, Arthur Koestler, and Dr. John Coleman all elucidate us about their plans of world control.
The super soldiers and Dr. William Deagle are fearless in exposing the alliance with a cold blooded species from the constellation of “The Hunter” or Orion. These Orions surrendered their will to the dark forces which oppose the true Creator of LIGHT and LIFE, and His Universal Laws of Balance and Harmony. We are being helped by benevolent and highly advanced beings like the Pleiadians in bringing our long suffering planet into THE TRUE UNIVERSAL WISDOM OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

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