Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Shaking the hand

Wow just imagine how all those people killed by drones must feel, how could Castro grib hands with such an indiscriminate killer Obama is one of those no matter how much he rolls out the terrorist prose. People are people and we do not lean to sociopaths. Yes we have had our fair share advance to power but I do not think they started that way. The pressure of power pushed them over the edge just as most want to believe if you go into politicise you will be polluted to the point of dissolution. Just walk away do not go to the supermarket and say the my government will kill anyone in a most indiscriminate way, just because technology has opened a window we have oft wished for and we can now deli ever on the wings of a dove. So much good to come from so much harm, line up citizens to give your right arm

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