Saturday, 7 December 2013

Good Citizens are Signing Up

While the Zombie threat is well documented, compelling evidence of the scourge of  Space Reptiles originating in the Orion Nebula is relatively new. When I first read the comment linked above, I was so skeptical, but then I did a google search and found this! ZSRDF is a crowdsourced loosely knit, group of people not afraid to put on the tinfoil. I am the nominal leader known for security reasons as Major Jones Spaceman. I am currently doing everything.(mostly using altered states to reach out to the Pleiadians) If the  Head of Space Reptile Intelligence (actually the head and torso) locates me I fear the worst.
If enough citizens pledge to sign up in the comments At great personal risk I will set up a pay pal account, buy Bitcoins and gear up. When the space reptiles attack remember its name(make one up) rank ( the ZSRDF is an egalitarian organization, there are no Generals, Admirals etc, everyone is an officer and you can choose your own rank) and serial number ( keep it to four digits and do not use any of your passwords) 

Good Luck Citizens and remember, the only good Space Lizard is one whose skin is used for footwear or fashion accessories.

Sincerely yours.

Major Jones Spaceman


  1. Replies
    1. Yes 29 its a desperate situation, it seems all the advance group of the Space Reptiles is composed of lawyers except for Jay Leno and Steve Harper. They are going to enslave us with copyright and intellectual know how treaties and laws.

  2. I always thought the threat would be transdimensional and not from out of space. Oh well. Thankfully we have the internet to clear things up :-)