Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How Fucked are we

Yes Pretty well fucked. The best case is like the great depression the worst case in not even under human discussion.
How loud can I play music to convince myself'
I am still relevant
and not intellectually dead
I read the morning paper
and see all the same cracks
its like groundhog  day
without the wise cracks
two thosand and eight
was nineteen twenty nine
just we had smarter people
hiding behind the blind
and they are so creative
keeping us in the pool
when the frog
knows its heating
up and its going to
cook you and you/
I will be safe in
gold and silver
because ii DON CARE   

stY       E                      E
IT         MA                  kes
no sense;
give me a dollar and and a good
drive and I will bring y9ou \\
a turkey so delicious you can not describe
But if you want to cut the fat
then we are in a meltdown
that will make every chair
upon which you ever sat
seem like a bankvault
for your bowels
because one day
your going to read
a headline that cleaned you out

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