Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Playing the Dream

I do not consider myself a gambler when it comes to structured games. I have lost a few hundred at the Casino and a few more over a lifetime of poker games. I am rational enough to realize that such purists odds on will end in tears. If the morons want to gamble to pay the stupid tax so they can get a better meal than soylent green then that is that. There was a time in this fine line we live where getting ahead meant hard work saving and storing for tough times ahead. More or less the clever gentleman have ripped economic safety from what was considered the golden rule. How did this happen and who can we question? Well at one time people worked hard and salted away those earnings in a pension fund administered by actuaries who calculated how much would be needed to fund the retires at a fixed income based upon years of service and contributions. Then some smart ass lets just for the sake of history call him Mitt Romney figured out that instead of earning a constant four our five percent, they could gamble these funds and make often fifty percent or more. So the spinning wheel got all the cash and the retires well we gather to celebrate the Nortel crash.

But its okay the goverment has given the people a dream to the slate driveway, its called the lotto and today I played insult to injury the stupid tax because even my imagination is swayed by the rights to a ticket that comes with a six hundred million amortized at today's present rate of interest, less taxes and fees deed/

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