Sunday, 8 December 2013

Heroes of the ZSRDF

Awarded in perpetuity: The Golden Clusterfuck

I have to protect the identity of Pinko Cleanser, I can only say Rob Ford is down with the cause. Pinko can not be arrested because CISIS is protecting him. The ZSRDF has awarded him their highest honor. He has selflessly reached out to the Pleiadians  by extremely altering his consciousness repeatedly, he rode the horse for you. Pinko never drove drunk, his vehicles have always been guided by the ZSRDF. 

For decades Zombies and Space Aliens have been a immutable white people problem. Pinko has gone into many ethnic communities to bring the fight to a rainbow coalition. He is the Frodo of our cause, the alliances he has formed are the greatest since the Fellowship of the Ring secured Elven commitment.

Its pretty obvious that Dalton McGinty and David Miller are Space Reptiles seeking to impose their reptilian nanny state upon free humans. So now you know what seemed like irrational immature compulsive hedonism was actually part of a struggle bigger than anyone could know.

Space Reptiles for reason we can not understand will defy common sense by riding bicycles in the city. This weak point allows the ZSRDF to take them out without raising suspicion.

Pinko is not against mass transit. Pinko knows at the moment Space Reptiles can only travel from the Orion Nebula using personal transport.  Therefore we are only having to fight rich principled Space invaders. If a space LRT from the Orions belt to earth is established, hordes of commie pinko Space Aliens will come. So do not be harsh on the seeming illogical flaws opponents of public transit use as arguments.

Colonel Pinko Cleanser hero of the ZSRDF humans salute you.

This message bears the official ZSRDF logo and is has been approved by Major Jones Spaceman.

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