Monday, 9 December 2013

The people will not be pawned
Oh yes they have given
so much blood
so much frustration'
and energy
its a nuclear reactor l
like a flood
of human mistakes
overrunning the rivers
of mankind
we got to take no
more prinsioner
of the corporate kind
Just dealing with a syndicate
brings the Sopranos to mind
and if you think Tony
was so cute
you are fucking blind
These people these fuckers
are taking a taste
out of humankind
cause the do not believe
that getting persecute in Sicily
will ever escape their minds
So when did the goverment
start to exist,and when did the goverment
give the path to people who
could make a fortune
only from being
political , only astute.

Life is all highschool
and what will you do
to receive that letter
even though your a fool
If you compete for ribbons
they will defeat your foil
but at the end of the day
its better to be a uniformed
than a jackboot drop out
with a gun and a car
who can at the whim of he whip
turn your life into a shame jar.
Now shame is a name
and it often goes to far
But right now if
you want to be big
its a way to find yourself
not dealing with the physics
of a fareway star/

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