Sunday, 22 December 2013

Steve's year in review

Person of the Year

Edward Snowden by a long shot. Will his heroic truth telling save humanity from big brother and the Man? To soon to tell but sadly it seems no. Just like every other bad thing we are forced to live with, climate change, war, banksters and invisible hands, the surveillance society is here to stay. Maybe knowing all about it will raise the collective angst to unbearable levels. Ironically the bad guys now are fully informed, so the only people caught in the net will be joe six pack citizens and  their advocates, especially the advocates.

Worst Person of the Year

Stephen Harper by a long shot. Dont get me started on all the things he has done. In broad strokes ruined Canada's moral authority in the world, and divided Canada with wedges. Wasted billions on advertising and tax breaks for his friends. His pettyness defines him.

Best Movie of the Year

Very tough choice but I have to go with Django Unchained. I just watched it again and loved it more the second time. Upstream Color is another movie that stuck in my head.

Best TV Show of the Year

The series Finale of Breaking Bad. Runners up the fall of the Prison episode of Walking Dead, and The Sopranos full six seasons which I re watched in a Marathon.

Best New Car of the Year

C7 Corvette is a super car without compromise that is obtainable by the masses. I also love its fuel economy. 2013 was a super year for cars and my less emotional choice would have been the Accord Hybrid, a car so subtle it does not have to change gears.

Best New (to me) Music of the Year

Mumford and Sons

I really liked the Lorde song Royals as well.

Best Book

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson. The Man is missing a great opportunity to separate us from our money by not making the Mars Trilogy into an HBO experience.

Best Political Blog

Montreal Simon every day delightfully eviscerates the Conservatives.

Best Hockey Blog

FourHockeyFans Moeman never fails to entertain with a nice assist from time to time by 29. Its really fun to watch the game and read the comments.

Best Internet Law Blog

Allen Mendelsohn may be number 24 in Canada according to the MAN's standings but he is number one on Thinking Aboot. The internet is going to be a very big thing in everyone's  life. In prose free of pretension Allen breaks down how this wild west of the web affects you from a legal perspective.

Best Car Review Blog is my favorite place to read about new cars and check the reliability of used cars. Before you buy your next car do some research here.

Best Conspiracy Blog

Zero Hedge is not about conspiracy theories, just conspiracy facts. Tyler Durden is the force behind it, and if you know that name give yourself ten points.
This is a fantastic year in review that captures the spirit of Zero Hedge nicely.

Video Game of the Year

Dead Island Riptide is the sequel to Dead Island. Normally I do not like FPS games with close combat, but the drop kick a Zombie keystrokes are so much fun.

Worst Fear for 2014

Fukushima fuel rods ignite ending human life on earth.

Best Hope for 2014

A breakthrough in laboratory manufactured food. If we can print a steak, it may save the world. If you can generate your own power, own a suitable printer, you can tell the MAN where to go.

Favorite Montreal Canadian of 2013

Lars Eller affectionately know as Lego because he is a great piece (from Denmark)of a larger assembly. He continues to grow as a hockey player. Even if he plateaued today he would be one of the best defensive forwards in the game. If he can learn how to capitalize on more of his opportunities he should be a genuine Star and a huge part of what looks like a glorious 2015 team.

Best Short Story of 2013

The Battle between Nihilism and the Corporation part One

Best Movie Review Blog

There are three I look at regularly and the winner is J & J Productions.
I love there are not only reviews but lots of fun stuff, like top ten lists for many categories.

Very close is I love it because the opinions are from that of a filmaker, and also someone from the middle east perspective.

Rounding out is a personal pick
Where I mostly review movies I would recommend. Thats why there are so many gaps in the posts.


  1. /sheds single tear

    Whoever this Allen Mendelsohn is, he must be awesome

  2. Thank you very much Steve for naming my blog as the best review blog of the year!

    Django Unchained is a movie that I have to see something soon. I also need to watch Breaking Bad, but the Walking Dead is probably my favorite show of the year.