Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Truth Horror Show

Here I am again the worlds personal wikeleaks horrorshow
which in the end I am sure will make Rempel PM but it has to be said that someone is behind the Walking Dead, The Aftermath and even the crazy Leftovers which gave us a very erotic view of Areosmith connected pussy.

Dont worry my friend, I dont have a personal server. I am using gmail, these are all good guys and they have a personal air force of planes that can take down the F35 withouth even taking off, just like anyone riding a bicycle could.

Pussy if your hetro, ass if your Gay or who knows what if your another undiscoverd angaram on our politically correct but necessay alagram. What drives humanity is sex with the right one repeatadly until we remember ADHT.

That is my pre election coverage. Dirty old man who always scores vs nun dried cunt who will cut your cock off for six thousand years just like the Chinese.  Thats my final plea to the voters.

Some people think they were born in the wrong time. I am a history major and todays textbook is obsolete every six months. Every thing historians have tried to tie together forever is happing everyday. The challange for historians today is not being relevant, its being bought off. Explaining the reality distorian field is a new branch of logic that offers
full employment to the qualified.

I have said before and I will say again, this time in a differant way.  Canada is a speedboat into the future
and a santucary for those fleeding the past. We have the land which thanks to global warming is increasingly green.
As a Star Trek fan your shure to appeciate the fact that in a battle of kinetic intensity its all about killowatts, who has the most energy directed weapons. Have you ever heard of the Zumwalt the star trek machine of the US navy. Well its brilliant and I want one. Except the US Navy in all its extravgance for two centuries has detrmined the shell is unaffordable. So we have a battleship that can not fire
the shells that mad it worth half a trillion dollars. I still want it to fight aliens because of the lazers and rail guns.

I love , I have loved, I will never love again. I am totally in love but at 58 love becomes something I never imagined
at 21 and I live with this eveyday. I wonder if Paul Mcrtnyey
felt the same way not to mention Yoko Ono and Lenin.

Everyone has a imacculate birth just to meet the earth
instead of humas on the same place. So not many people
have lived upon this earth with the perspecitive I was born with its part of my DNA.

I love being in love and I have always been in total support
that way. But does being in love mean you ignore
the connectins that build a network
bigger than humanity
like a solution
for everything
wrong with humankind
by bonding
with every race
in a way
that moves
up the cranial
space race

Humans I am just about done
I am not reffering to my
near 60 age
no I am still the young
just to say
fuck this world

in every way

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