Friday, 25 November 2016

Mountian Gorrilas with Apps

As the next goverment pours through the emails that tiltel I hope will get you a commons commite and at that time we can cut down the bullshit to 10%.  Trump proved that all the clever bullshit is wasted put the effort into prose instead.

You know I only support Trump because of the nihlism advantage. If you want good goverment. forget all natural laws, forget all the human asperations, just foucs on the mostly proven three laws of thermodyamics. Its all there buddy and if you want a cabinet position. Apply them.

Okay beyond serious stuff. My love life has not changed.
My kids drive me crazy with thier decisions, how can they be like me?  Walking Dead is well named because the viewer was warned in advance about the narrative.

Seriously I think we got a cup in the hand. Everybody
is fuckud up, the general public should know this, and told this over and over their lizard brains can not keep this in mind.

Okay I am not the smartest person in the room for a long time, but watching TV I feel like Bill Gates. Okay world I lied
I have not watched TV for years. I have had a subscription to the Toronto Star for decades. Like every other waste paper they tell me the world suck deal. No I will not deal
I know there is something better. Ever been real drunk at a party and everthing is wonderful, this is my belief this is human life, and we have to work backwords to create this.
We are mountian gorrilias with apps, it should not be a hard

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