Wednesday, 9 November 2016

President Trump

My prediction that Trump would club Hillary like a baby seal just barely came true. Trump did not win, Hillary lost.

With all the levers of power in the hands of the Republicans I expect a total disaster. I am not worried about Trump the fascist, the machine demonised him. It was the machine that gave us the narrative Trump supporters are all uneducated white trash. Last night proved that untrue.

Trump has the ability to be a great president, a combination of Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. America has never had a real world successful leader like this before. Success in the Military and Government is hugely academic. Success in the real world is all about compete and native cunning. Its going to be fascinating.

I expect
Trump will pardon Snowden and Assuage
Trump will stick with the Paris accords
Trump will rewrite the tax code down to a single book if not a single sheet
Trump will respect the rights of American citizens
Trump will enforce penalties for employing illegals
Trump will destroy the neo con war on Russia
Trump will not support ISIS, Qatar or Saudi Arabia, that pipeline is not happening
Trump will not prosecute Hillary, but will make a deal with Clinton inc
Trump will cancel the F35
Ivanka Trump will be the first women president
Trump will announce a manned mission to mars

In four years the revolution promised in the 60's will win the 21st century.

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