Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The 70's I lived where great, never imaged a humanity saving solution acid free

What is real
what is magic
what is spiritual
what is religion
are all important
but only one is fact
find a fact and you
will be on the right
side of history
follow anything else
and your doomed
the biggest question
facing humanity today
is how many other
humans will you take under
maybe the whole civilization
and you have to wonder
in everyway
from all points of view
including the end times 
if it will be the whole
human race

There has to be that 13th man
at the helm
he is the guy
women or
or any other part of the 
alphabet of new sexuality
that would of 
O neil
instead of
Saddam Insane
an erect reason
weapon to prevent
 the flatearthers
from flattening

We can play 
whack a mole
with dictators
here on earth
and know that
in the end
we are the 6th
to travel the path
with the same
end outcome

So why not build
utopia in space
and let our
DNA soar
down through
to mother
and the whole
world as we
know it will
not get deadly
bed sores

We know the Chinese
maintained a 
six thousand year
straight line
to hell
we can do better
in one or two
thousand years
if we dont spend
the money 
like fools

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