Monday, 21 November 2016

Get off my lawn Diversity

Dont get me wrong I love diversity. I hate the same strip malls and malls of every kind that are ubiquitous around the planet with the same voice and same brand and no one upstairs really gives a damm except for the universal glue of  currency and Luce.

No other place, no other nation has embraced diversity like Canada and we are all the wiser and much better. More flexible, more able to withstand body blows from one direction and making all kinds of beautiful music together for the most part. 

I just think CityTV went to far to be diverse when a women with a hi jab is now spewing truth. We don't have anchors wearing crosses, Hanukas or spatulas on their head for good reason. The news is supposed to be neutral, especially with a polyglot audience.

This is not the play Hamilton, this is not artistic lic, btw how do you think a play about Martin Luther King hound doggy around staring a white guy would fare?

It must be a level field for all in our secular world. Those with religion on their sleeve or in their hair should not be on the public air as neutral commenter's.  

I am not going to change the channel if she is on, I am proud that most Canadians will not give this statement a second look, but its these little
wedges that bring civilizations down.

For Massa, despite the hijab being a clear symbol of her faith, she believes it should not affect people's perception of her impartiality as a reporter.

"I hope people will realise that having a piece of cloth on my head does nothing to influence whether I can be a good journalist or not."

Amen to that!

That keeps the staus quo and everyone goes
home fat an happy until they have
to fast for a month
which is iherintely unhealty
and not eat pig
which means
everone from their
can not enjoy bacon
I eat meat
and bacon
its the best
way to eat
and surveve
I know today
they say its all\
and I say
I know that
they will find
a drug
that will
let me eat
in peace

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