Monday, 21 November 2016

Trump and the myth of Horatio not the Miami Vice Detective

Well well well what we have here is a place everyone is above average income!

America is sold on the myth of Horatio Alger. It is the black kid from the ghetto making a billion dollars in the NBA and for white folks the stock market, or inventing sham wow. You cant change this attitude without total humiliation, aka the great depression. FDR was a relief valve that preserved everything to come around again. I believe as Marx said Capitalism will destroy itself and that's a pity.
Because capitalism is needed to make socialism work and that is an understanding of human nature and relief. We would all work hard if rewarded, but how many jobs fulfil that task?

 fact is you can not support a capitalist economy where robots do all the work. Its an oxymoron.

Supply and demand and if your not working you have no supply and lots of demand. Winston Chirchill that wonderful leader gassed the Kurds for the same ideas, what becomes us.

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