Monday, 14 November 2016

Snow Mexicans dont get your back up over this

Sit back roll a fatty
and enjoy the great
show cause 
even the the lights
are brighter
and the issues
all portrayed
its the same
old shit show
just with a 
bigger name
and watch for 
you cant miss him 
because one thing
we know
he likes the spotlight
more than the show

Day 3 or 4 or five or six
math dont matter no more
cause Trump knows
all the economist tricks
if it dont add up and
it makes no sense
at all make a wonderful
complicated equation
full of smoke and mirrors
distractions half truths
and outright lies
and put down in the fine
line that lawyers as
50% if the GDP
but no human 

In his first in depth interview
on the formally reviewed
60 mins
Trump reveals
you dont know what 
you voted for
he will decide in time indeed
the real way to watch this cat
is like any animal
what they do
what they kill
and what they eat
and for Trump
its going to be kitty litter

Trump is today a blank slate
he said on 60 min
he will do nothing
therefore we must look
to his staff for clues
and even there is is ying
and yang
and no direction
which makes me wonder
has he played the big con
an looting the world
while every one is looking
and breaking no laws
the victory of the people

Breitbert News is just as credible
as CNN in my opinion
but the fact is that guy
is dangerous
he is full of piss and vinegar
and will despoil
many fields
where good crops
used to go
just to fill
his juvenile
narrow minded
18th century

Every country has lost
something in the Trump
maybe Russia has won
because Hillary will no
longer have to push 
the nuclear one
to prove she
has balls 
in the place
Trump would 
never grasp

Number one loser 
on this planet is
Israel because the 
reality distortion
field that protected
it from the rabbit bomb
has lost power

I believe Israel has played
a wicked game
in this century and
now the chickens have come
home to roost
and they are all radicalised
it did not have to be this 
way but the person most
responsible is Yassar Araft
and if makes me conclude
you cant make peace with 
a religion
you got do it with a people
because religions are
basically fundamentally
the enemies of men
where Gods rule
interpreted by priests
who study bullshit
until they make
it an artform
of word

Today in every way
according to the conventional wisdom
the exceptional nation
has become a Christian Iran
where Gods law tells science
get off my lawn
and the people
yawn because
they are just
trying to live
working three
jobs because
the economy is
so swell

I wish it was not true
but my wishes and hope
turned out to be a disaster
for me
cause I believed in 
ever thing I was taught
and never leaned to pivot
in this human race
between common sense
science and plan old power
where the tortoise wins over
the hare every time
because change has
less grounding

For sure that is too
we got legal weed
in the marketplace
and carbon neutral 
tech will defeat
the smoking cures
cancer sect
the only question
is will the time
allow us to beat
nonsense matisticstd

Shout out to Eldon Musk
who says one man
can not make global change
his cars his energy walls
will all have future generations
worshipping his name

Thats if for today
in summary we have no idea
what President Trump will do
he has bad people on his cabinet
but because he is such an out
of the box thinker
he might be compromising
them too
we can only hope

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