Friday, 25 November 2016

Have you ever heavred: lost cookies not due to illness or virus

I have never regurutated in my entire life. I need those nutriets to survive
I was born for a Mars mission.
But famous people have puked
and I bring my examinign eye
to all those flashpoints of
liquid humanity
expressed with\
no control
except in the case
of babies
the directin'
and to some extent
the time

So GWB pukes allover
some Japansee important
and I say no accenfdent
fill in the filter
and Iluminatti
no coffin
wipe out
cream pie
nasty maid
ever happened
but it did
and GWB
became the only
world leader
in history to puke
on a supoosed
should he have
worn a gas
was the meeting
for the youngest
person in the world
to fight and fall\
inot the pacific
like a barbie

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