Friday, 25 November 2016

Amazing Sportsperson

Rookie QB wins 10 games

IMHO real sports are activities where potential death is price of admission. I am not going to curate them all for you. IMHO the finest athletes play NFL football. No other sport combines violence and skill so expertly. In fact NFL football may be so good it makes itself extinct because mothers will tell their children that Friday Night Lights is the gateway to being a Cowboy.

If you have ever tried to make a decision while 3 or 4 people are running at you swinging a sledgehammer you have some idea what an NFL QB faces every game day. On top of that the margin of error between success and failure is milliseconds.

People who succeed in this environment are NAVY seal tough and mentally able to not only overcome the lizard brain panic, but also slow down time to the point they can make composition out of chaos.

I am not really an NFL fan. Its two minutes of action in a 4 hour time frame. Same objection I have to the passtime called Golf. Try playing golf where the foursome has 3 Zombies and then I would call it a sport.

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