Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Why Kill the Jews?

Kill the Juice, hit them in the JEWels. If you misunderstood it was because I asked too much. Kill the Juice is what the haters say because in the 21st century you can not make a universal statement like that about a recognized entity without prison time in the civilized world. But you can still call for death to environmentalist, or stoners, or pacifist. Dear Leader McSplooges on the Jews. That is why he needs to be hit by the Jews in the Jewels. Harper panders to every entities Lizard brain. His 24/7 Harpo podcast should be called Lizard Brain Stimulation. Just as real people in Quebec indicated that the dog whistles of the PQ hurt their ears, Harpo will find that divide and conquer only works in great games like Risk. People living in Sim City are much smarter.

Kill the Jews was once an easy exit from stupid circumstance. Now we have moved on to kill the muslims. Progress is not perfect.

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