Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Change without stuggle is an OXY Moron

If we teach nothing else in the quest to be excellent, we got to let the children know that people behind the oxy moron are in control.
There was a time not so long ago
leaders were fearless
and determined no matter 
what their flaws
to propel their society
ahead of it time.
Now we are increasingly looking back
the challenges of living modern
are the best plan of attack
Sure I have no solutions
but if you remeber back
I was a sweetheart
who had all the answers
when your bra
I did attack.
To rule a modern country
you need more than
folk tales
and false economics
you got to have best
in your first grasp at the
tool belt.
We got the big data
and now more than ever
we can understand
that the people in power
are making a medieval last stand
For them there is really no loss
except not having people bow
and scrape as they moved past
in respot.
For us all, yes you and me
from the person on the grate
in the middle of winters hurt
to Richard Branson 
not choosing to live in 
a gated community mansion
there is great hope.
Love the sinner 
hate the soap
yes thats the opera
but we may go wagerin
Broomhilda clones
will be there for everyman
that might chose to lay
down with God.
Me myself I would take a different
path because
I am not worthy

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